FSNC Training

Leadership and Management Programmes

A programme to develop leadership skills, increase awareness of managerial issues in the financial service workplace and provide practical tools and techniques that can be used to approach a variety of work-related situations and maximise performance as a first line manager. The programme is designed specifically for the sector, using case studies and scenarios relevant to financial services. The programme is delivered on your premises via 3 full day workshops by an FSNC tutor. All successful learners receive an Institute of Leadership Management (ILM) Level 3 qualification.

An advanced programme for Middle Managers leading to an ILM Level 5 qualification is also available.

Customer Service – Beyond Excellence Programme

Customer Service is critical to the bottom line of every business. Our specialist FSNC trainers have worked with many financial service organisations to help them develop their customer service skills – not just to ensure they meet regulatory requirements but also to give them a competitive edge. Whether you want to address a weakness or build upon a strength, you can have complete confidence that our customer service training modules will improve skills, knowledge and the mindset of your employees.

Team Building Programmes

Personal Best
An innovative and inspirational programme featuring competencies that drive 5-star performance, fulfilment and success. The FSNC trainer is a psychological performance specialist and has experience working with teams in the financial services sector.

Train to Train
A workshop to share tools and techniques with newcomers to training. We help them to deliver engaging sessions that stick in the memory. Relevant for inexperienced trainers as well as those who deliver group training and briefings as part of a wider organisational role.

Selling for Success
This programme will help people who want to develop business relationships, maximise sales opportunities, and employ the latest techniques whilst doing so. We recognise that building relationships and selling is a complex area that varies due to business models, values, customers, and products – the content will always be tailored to an organisation’s individual needs.